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Win a Big Bash Prize in the Cake Decorating Competition

Originally published 2 June 2004

Is your hero Jane Asher or Letitia Cropley from The Vicar of Dibley, if so this competition is for you!

This year’s Big Bash is back and better than ever - we’re also bringing back the cake competition with a new twist. This year you don’t even have to bake the cake yourself – but you get the fun of decorating it.

Let your imagination go wild, landmarks, films and television programmes, celebrities, flora and fauna and abstract interpretations of life down under are all eligible.

‘Why should I enter?’ we hear you asking. Well, first, you’ll get a free drink at the bar just for showing your creation off! If the judges choose your creation as the award-winning Big Bash Cake Decorating contest winner you’ll receive one of our great Big Bash prizes.

You need not have graduated from Pru Leith’s or be a pastry chef par excellence all you need is icing, patience and imagination!

All entries are welcome! If you’re creating a treat, contact Casey Leaver on or ext. 22876 so that we can reserve you a presentation space. You can also contact Casey if you have any questions

Still lacking in inspiration? Try some of these sites for ideas: