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Stoneleigh and Ashow Parish Councillors Visit the University

Originally published 1 July 2004

Members of the Joint Parish Council of Stoneleigh and Ashow recently visited The University of Warwick and were treated to a tour of campus along with a presentation explaining the history of the University and how it has developed over the years.

The visit was organised by Trevor Seeley, Community Relations Manager at Warwick. Trevor’s role is to co-ordinate and develop Warwick's links with the local and regional community, which involves liasing with people and organisations ranging from local residents to the Regional Development Agency.

The Joint Parish Council of Stoneleigh and Ashow covers both Kenilworth Abbey and Stoneleigh electoral wards, and three parish wards - Burton Green, Stoneleigh and Ashow.

Trevor first met the Stoneleigh and Ashow Parish councillors back in February when he introduced himself as the first point of contact with the University. During the course of this meeting the suggestion was made that they visit the University as they had not done so before.

The visit was a good opportunity for the Stoneleigh and Ashow Parish councillors to see how the University has developed since it had its first intake of students in 1965. Hopefully the visit also helped the councillors gain a better understanding of the University’s role in the local community.