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Buy or sell at the Union Marketplace

Originally Published 17 May 2004
Union Marketplace
Union Marketplace

Sell or buy books or anything at!

If you've got an item for sale, be it a book, a bike, a computer.
Just go to, log in (or register if you need to) and then click on the 'Shop' tab.

You'll see a link to the Union Marketplace on the window you come to, then click browse to see what's on offer, or sell item to put your items up for sale.

You just describe the item, leave some contact details and an asking price, and you're away it's that simple, and you can even upload a miniature picture of what you're selling.

Who needs ebay when something so much quicker and cleaner is on your doorstep!

Contact Alek Maxwell, Communications and Venue Officer on 024 7657 2785 or via email at