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Internet Access Restrictions - Update

Originally Published 27 August 2004

This is an update regarding the status of the University's Internet connection. Since equipment replacement earlier yesterday morning (26/08/04), there has been no re-occurrence of the disruption to Internet services which took place over the past couple of days. There has also been no repeat of the patterns of incoming network traffic, which were believed to have been indicative of server attack. Whilst access is currently stable there is still the possibility of a re-occurrence of the attack incident.

In order to stabilise and troubleshoot the problems, and to reduce the risk of them re-appearing, IT Servcies have had to review and update the standard policies affecting traffic inbound to the campus network from the Internet (including access from the residential network). This means that, at present, access to some services are restricted. Information on the current policies affecting general inbound traffic to the campus is available at the following web page:

NOTE: For security reasons, the security page you will visit has been restricted to University members and hence requires log-in. This page gives details of the process by which departments may request for non-standard services/applications to be opened-up through the firewall. IT Services will be contacting IT staff in those departments who are known to be affected by this, to arrange for the necessary requests to be processed to re-enable access to key departmental services.

IT Services appreciate that this period has been a frustrating and difficult time and that the continued restrictions will be the cause of some problems until they are lifted. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience that these essential measures will temporarily cause.

Contact: Chris Tilbury, Head of Service Information Technology Services, University of Warwick. Extension: 23365