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Warwick helps cut carbon emissions

The University of Warwick is taking new steps to help protect the environment and cut carbon emissions.

Massive carbon emissions contribute to the growing problem of climate change in the UK and globally, and Warwick University is bringing the plight closer to home and taking a stand to limit the damage caused by industry.

At a time when climate change is high on the Government agenda, Warwick is one of 20 universities taking part in an innovative new programme to cut carbon emissions.

The Higher Education Carbon Management programme is specifically tailored to help Universities to reduce carbon emissions. The programme will raise awareness of the impact of climate change and a strategic analysis will help identify areas where carbon emissions can be reduced, such as academic, accommodation and leisure buildings and also vehicle emissions.

Participating universities include Warwick, Cambridge, Kings Cross London, Open University and Coventry University and the Carbon Trust also works with over 200 leading organisations to help save the environment.

The Carbon Trust offer top tips to cut energy costs at work and at home. You can help simply by:

  • Turning off lights in empty rooms
  • Don't heat rooms that are not being used
  • Keep radiators clear to help radiate energy into the room

The programme runs until March 2006 and as well as helping the environment, the participating universities will be collectively saving over ?10million on the cost on energy bills.

For more information on how you can help the environment and cut energy costs, visit

University House