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New Students' Union Sabbs help out at Safeline Charity

dscn2900-med.jpgJust two weeks into their new jobs, the incoming team of Student Sabbatical Officers took time out of the office to help local charity, Safeline.

The seven full-time elected ‘Sabbs’ took up their positions running the Students Union on the 1st August but one of their first jobs was at the Warwick-based charity that supports victims of sex abuse.

President, Joe Kirby said “We decided to do the project as a team bonding exercise, just two weeks into our new jobs. But the Sabbatical roles are never just jobs.

“None of us has worked on a team that requires such commitment, professionalism or proximity to team-mates. So the idea was to see each other in a new environment, and set ourselves a different kind of challenge from the day-to-day work.”

The seven Sabbs spent the day painting and decorating the Safeline offices in Warwick. The rooms are used for counselling sessions and support groups so it is important that they are clean, safe and welcoming.

The University has a strong team of student volunteers – Warwick Volunteers - who regularly undertake projects in the local community.

Joe said “We also wanted to raise awareness of the benefits students bring to their local communities. Students should not be seen or see themselves as outsiders, but active members of their community, contributing fully to it.”

p1010044-med.jpgThe seven Students’ Union Sabbatical Officers for 2007/08 are:

Joe Kirby, President
Peter Ptashko, Education Officer and Deputy President
Tom Callow, Finance, Democracy and Strategy Officer
James Gadsby-Peet, Commercial Development and Communications Officer
Tom Lindsay, Societies and Student Development Officer
Kate Bennett, Sports Officer
Ed Callow, Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officer