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Warwick IAS announces its first Visiting Fellows

Warwick’s Institute of Advanced Study has announced the first round of its Visiting Fellowships.

Set up as part of Warwick’s ambitious new Strategy, the Institute will provide a site of international research interchange for the University.

Fifteen leading international scholars will join the University as Visiting Fellows between January and July – each for 1-2 weeks.

IAS Director Professor Margot Finn said: "As part of an evolving programme of activities, the IAS is funding 15 short-term Visiting Fellowships, attracting an international cadre of distinguished scholars, researchers and 'public' intellectuals to Warwick."

"These fellowships are designed to promote Warwick as a centre of intellectual excellence. We hope they’ll enrich the environment for postgraduate and postdoctoral research, as well as encourage research linkages and collaborations."

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