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Warwick Institute of Education hosts first postgraduate student conference

bozena12.jpgMore than 100 students attended the Warwick Institute of Education’s first postgraduate student conference.

The event, which took place on 27 April, provided a platform for more than 30 student presentations on a wide range of topics including ethnicity, changing patterns of childhood, our relationship with technology and language learning, school leadership , drama, mathematical and religious education.

The conference was suggested by doctoral student and international tutor Maria Kaparou. The theme was ‘crossing borders’ and attendees were encouraged to think about how their research was similar to, and different from, that of colleagues.

Guest speaker was the Director of Institute of Education at the University of London, Chris Husbands.

A postgraduate research student who attended the conference commented: “It was a beneficial event with thought-provoking sessions. Being a part-time PhD student makes me feel isolated from the university community, but the WIEPG Conference bridged the gap. Interaction, reflection and networking were the key words of that day.”

Above all the conference displayed the vibrancy of the educational research culture at Warwick as well as the collective talents of the research students and their concern to nurture and maintain a democratic and respectful academic exchange.

The academic committee overseeing the conference included Maria Kaparou, Asima Iqbal, Michael Hammond and Val Brooks and they expressed their thanks to the research office, academic colleagues and volunteer conference helpers for helping to make the conference a success