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Warwick Research Students Inspire Local Sixth-Formers

The University of Warwick and Warwick School have joined forces in a new state-of-the-art science facility.

The £6 million Cheshire Science Centre at Warwick School is the first of its kind - built for sixth-formers but to a University standard. Seven independent Warwickshire schools are participating in the scheme, with students doing “publishable” and “groundbreaking” work according to Dr. Mo Afzal, senior research fellow at the University of Warwick and head of science at Warwick School. Among the many projects students are involved in are anti-obesity drugs, DNA’s effects on ageing, and cheaper ways of making asthma drugs. It is, “equivalent to the projects first-year PhD students would be doing at any leading University” said Dr. Afzal.

Gary Wu, a 19-year old pupil who takes part in after-school lab sessions, has recently been offered a place at Cambridge and will be taking part in a month long research program at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. He credits Dr. Afzal and University of Warwick research students for his progress.