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Warwick's Travel Plan ranked 2nd out of 64 UK institutions

The University’s Travel Plan to reduce car-based commuting to campus has ranked among the best in the UK.

In a survey carried out by the University of Plymouth, Warwick was ranked 2nd out of 64 UK institutions.

The study looked at 132 higher education institutions and the website of each university was explored to find a travel plan or similar. The researchers used the Department for Transport guidelines to create a matrix of 41 possible travel plan features, set against 64 universities that had a locatable and active travel plan (as of March 2008).

The University of Warwick was ranked among the best institutions in the performance scale in terms of measures already implemented (as against planned or intended).  Full travel plans and supporting documentation was collected and assessed for the survey and compared to three public sector organisations that have received national awards for fleet management and/or green travel within the last three years.

View full details of the occasional paper published by the University of Plymouth (PDF Document)