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The British Congress of Mathematics Education (BCME) Conference

Leading UK mathematical organisations unite in a single conference at the University of Warwick from 30 March to 2 April 2005. The conference theme is Routes of Unity and has been organised by the British Congress of Mathematics Education (BCME).
Wed 09 Feb 2005, 16:14 | Tags: Mathematics and Statistics, Academic Staff

Warwickshire School pupils 1st to Use UK's Most Advanced Maths Research Centre

The most advanced Maths research centre in the UK has its official opening day on Saturday 12th June and the first people to use it will be maths pupils from Warwickshire Schools.

Professor David Epstein - Elected as Fellow of the Royal Society

Members of Warwick's Mathematics Institute are very proud to have someone of David’s calibre working amongst them and even though he is retired from teaching he is still very much hard at work. A celebration party was recently held to honour David’s election to the Royal Society.

Walking in the IT Park

The Enterprise Fellowship Scheme (EFS) has nurtured yet another innovative business, with Meadoweb ready to delivery 24x7 IT support to any business or home computer user not covered by an IT support department.

Right to Read

Every child has the 'right to read' but not every child has the opportunity. Warwick Volunteers and the University Bookshop have teamed up to support 'right to read'.

Mathematics and Statistics on the move

The coming weeks will see the Mathematics and Statistics departments move to their new building on central campus, with the departments moving over the period 8 to 20 December. We will endeavour to provide updates as they become available.
Thu 05 Aug 2004, 09:35 | Tags: Mathematics and Statistics, University Affairs

International Biometric Society - SUSAN Conference

The International Biometric Society (IBS) is holding its eighth Biannual SUSAN Conference from 7 – 11 July 2003 at the University of Natal in South Africa.
Mon 02 Aug 2004, 10:16 | Tags: Education, Mathematics and Statistics

Warwick students first for enterprise (and second, and third...)

Three students from the University of Warwick have been named Coventry and Warwickshire's most enterprising students.

NAGTY @ Warwick 2003 - Maths in Action

I am on the Mathematics In Action course at the NAGTY @ Warwick Summer School. We have been studying different topics in maths and seeing how they relate to real life.
Tue 27 Jul 2004, 15:21 | Tags: Study, Education, Mathematics and Statistics, University Affairs

£5 Million Award for Pioneering Project to Train New Breed of Scientists

Warwick University has been awarded £5 Million for a new Life-Sciences Doctoral Training Centre which will educate a new breed of scientists.

Warwick vs Wadham

On Monday 25 November, the Students' Union echoed with an uplifting cheer in response to the name "Saddam Hussein". No, nothihng political, it's just that the Iraqi dictator was an answer on the latest edition of University Challenge, in which the Warwick team comprehensively beat Wadham College, Oxford, in an exciting, high-scoring game.

Nothing Really Matters

by Dr David Wood, Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is full of the weird and wonderful, so where could 'nothing' possibly have a place? According to the Collins New English Dictionary:

nothing (pron) 1. not anything. 2. a matter of no importance. 3. absence of meaning, value, or worth. 4. the figure 0

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