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Europe’s ‘Other’ Faith: Islam in German History and its Implications for Britain today

Free public lecture by leading academics in Coventry Cathedral will shine a light on the distorted representations of faith communities that occur during times of heightened political tension.

Warwick trio elected as British Academy Fellows

Three academics from the University of Warwick have been elected by the British Academy as Fellows, in recognition of their outstanding research.

Language - computation to conversation

Language surrounds us. Everyone picks up a language when they are too young to be aware that they are learning a language. You don’t have to go to school to learn your first language. It happens so easily that it is easy to take for granted. Easy as dropping off an apple tree. How hard is that? Well, understanding how things drop off apple trees has made for interesting science.

Tue 20 Jul 2004, 09:38 | Tags: Sociology, Education, Psychology, Culture, Art, German, French, English