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Prevent Strategy’s psychological techniques not transparent enough, according to new study

A team led by the University of Warwick has analysed methods including those applied by the British Government as part of its Prevent strategy.

Thu 22 Dec 2016, 10:53 | Tags: Warwick Medical School

Patient health outcomes to be examined

Warwick Medical School, part of the University of Warwick, is hosting a summit for politicians, healthcare leaders, industry leaders and academics to examine measurement of health outcomes and the use of such information to improve outcomes on a large scale.

Wed 14 Dec 2016, 16:34 | Tags: Warwick Medical School, Conference, Big Data, Science, Europe, Health, NHS, Business

New trial to examine use of pre-hospital blood products

University of Warwick is collaborating with researchers at the NIHR Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre (SRMRC) to support a ground-breaking new study to investigate the effectiveness of giving patients blood products immediately after a major injury or trauma - before they reach hospital.

Thu 08 Dec 2016, 14:28 | Tags: Warwick Medical School, NHS, Medicine and Health

New guidelines for the investigation of sudden unexpected death in infancy launched University of Warwick expertise contributes to report

National guidance for professionals handling cases of sudden unexpected child death which draws upon University of Warwick expertise are published today (30 November 2016).

UK study to help chronic pain sufferers back to work

Researchers from the University of Warwick's Medical School are leading a study to explore ways of helping people with chronic pain back to work.

Low vitamin D levels linked to increased risk of bladder cancer

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk of developing bladder cancer, according to a systematic review of by a team led by a University of Warwick academic.

Tue 08 Nov 2016, 15:20 | Tags: Warwick Medical School, Health, cancer

It is all in the hips - professional golfers more likely to have different shaped hip joints to most of the population

Lack of success on the fairway may not be due to your swing – it could be your hips that are to blame. New research from the University of Warwick has found that professional golfers are more likely to have different shaped right and left hips compared to the rest of us.

Nobel Prize Winner opens Warwick Medical School building

Nobel Prize winner Dr Randy Schekman has given the keynote speech at the opening of the latest addition to Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick.

Green monkeys acquired Staphylococcus aureus from humans

Already it’s known that many deadly diseases that afflict humans were originally acquired through contact with animals. However new research from the University of Warwick shows that pathogens can also jump the species barrier to move from humans to animals.

University of Warwick develops a cloud-computing platform to further the analysis of microbial genomes

The University of Warwick has led the development of a cloud-based microbial bioinformatics resource, which is believed to be the largest of its kind in the world.

Thu 28 Jul 2016, 11:52 | Tags: Warwick Medical School, Health, Computer Science

Warwick expertise used to explore the ‘average human’

Research by two University of Warwick academics is being used to explain to the public how human bodies work.

End of life care needs improving say GPs

GPs think more needs to be done to improve the quality of end-of-life care in the community. That’s one of the insights gained from a survey of British GPs conducted by the University of Warwick and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Wed 06 Jul 2016, 12:56 | Tags: Warwick Medical School, Health, Community

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