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Warwick/SBT Shakespeare Collection

A collection of films made by the University of Warwick in conjunction with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust about the life and times of William Shakespeare.

With unique access to the Trust's library and archives, the houses associated with Shakespeare and exhibitions created by their knowledgeable team this series of videos have given academics at Warwick the opportunity to explore some of the much debated issues surrounding arguably the world's greatest poet and author of plays.

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Searching for Shakespeare: Questioning Authorship

17:37, Wed 15 Jun 2011

The 'Shakespeare Authorship Question' is a controversial subject for academics, but one which persists nonetheless. James Shapiro joined in the debate, with the publication of his book Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare? in 2010. He is interviewed by the University of Warwick's Prof Carol Rutter.

(MP4 format, 16:13, 152 MB


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