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TEDx Warwick 09

The inspiration for TEDx Warwick 09 is simple, just like TED. Why not empower students with ideas of the future in which they will live so that they can carry on the tradition by giving birth to new ideas about the future beyond theirs?

This captures the essence of our event and we hope that you can see in it what we, and a strong following around the world see - that ideas drive the human race.

TEDx Warwick 09 is an independently organised event, managed and produced by students at the University of Warwick and licensed under the TEDx programme. The event is the first of its kind in the UK.

Virtual reality and virtual environments - Vinesh Raja

10:25, Wed 24 Jun 2009

Professor Vinesh Raja talks about his work on virtual reality, virtual environments and locomotion.

(MP4 format, 203 MB)


Hapiness and the economic crisis

10:21, Wed 24 Jun 2009

Professor Andrew Oswald talks about the economic crisis and how it might effect human happiness.

(MP4 format, 138 MB)


Collective intelligence at a time of global crisis - Tom Atlee

15:23, Thu 26 Mar 2009

Tom Atlee's research and thought innovations span from the conscious evolution of social systems to collaborative dynamics to a host of other ideas centering on group, social and political dynamics. He has worked with a number of leading authors on their books including 'Awakening: The Upside of Y2K'. More recently Tom Atlee has been exploring and writing about collective dynamics.

(MP4 format, 214 MB)


The 'Brain Box' - Steve Furber

15:22, Thu 26 Mar 2009

Steve Furber is probably most famous as the principal designer of the BBC Microcomputer and the ARM 32-bit RISC microprocessor, both of which earned Acorn Computers a Queen's Award for Technology. Furber's latest project is known as Spinnaker, also nicknamed the 'brain box', to be constructed at the University of Manchester. This is an attempt to build a new kind of computer that directly mimics the workings of the human brain. He is one of the pioneer’s of the UK computer industry.

(MP4 format, 194 MB)


Defining humanity - Steve Fuller

15:21, Thu 26 Mar 2009

Professor Steve Fuller on the ambiguity of our notions of what is 'human'.

(MP4 format, 190 MB)


Selling Good: Three marketing strategies that can save the world - Solitaire Townsend

15:20, Thu 26 Mar 2009

Solitaire Townsend is one of the liveliest voices on climate change. She is co-founder of Futerra, UK’s award-winning green communications agency.

(MP4 format, 255 MB)


The psychology of heroism and evil - Philip Zimbardo

15:19, Thu 26 Mar 2009

Professor Philip Zimbardo, Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University talks about the psychology of heroism and evil.

(MP4 format, 220 MB)


Challenging the paradigm of materialism - Jay Lakhani

15:16, Thu 26 Mar 2009

Jay Lakhani, a Theoretical Physicist, explores the findings at the cutting edge of modern Physics and how they relate to the broader ideas of spirituality at the heart of Hindu tradition.

(MP4 format, 197 MB)


The next wave of convergence - Ian Pearson

15:16, Thu 26 Mar 2009

Futurologist Ian Pearson talks about the next wave of convergence between the digital and human.

(MP4 format, 199 MB)


Citizen Cyberscience - Francois Grey

15:14, Thu 26 Mar 2009

Senior Advisor, UNOSAT, UN Institute for Training and Research, CERN talks about citizen cyberscience - how people can contribute to real science and solve real problems using the web.

(MP4 format, 216 MB)