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DLS, Dr Oliver Sacks- Narrative and Medicine: The Importance of the Case History

11:00, Wed 20 Mar 2013

As part of the Distinguished Lecture Series, Dr Oliver Sacks, Professor of Neurology at NYU School of Medicine and Visiting Professor at Warwick, to discuss 'Narrative and medicine: The importance of the case history'.
His essays and books about people living with various neurological conditions have earned numerous awards and inspired millions of readers around the world and the New York Times has referred to him as "the poet laureate of medicine."

Dr Sacks's book Awakenings, the basis for the 1990 film with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro, has also inspired a play by Harold Pinter and a ballet by Tobias Picker and Aletta Collins. His book The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat was the inspiration for a chamber opera by Michael Nyman and Christopher Rawlence, as well as Peter Brook's "L'Homme Qui..." Sacks is also the author of Musicophilia and, most recently, Hallucinations.

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