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More Sex is Safer Sex and Other Surprises, Professor Steven E. Landsburg

19:41, Thu 8 Mar 2012

Author of the "The Armchair Economist" and reviewer of "Freakonomics" and "The Undercover Economist", Steven E. Landsburg is an everyday economist who currently writes a column for Slate magazine about topics ranging from the national debt problem to the obesity crisis. His research topics are obscure yet equally as intriguing; it is Landsburg who uses the language of microeconomics to explain and justify the everyday decisions that we make and the social and economic patterns that result. His more recent work include the (career) cost of motherhood and whether or not daughters (as opposed to sons) cause divorce. As a self-described "hardcore libertarian" and staunch supporter of free trade, Landsburg has strong views about our politics and economy to share in the summit.

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