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Scientists are a step closer to finding planets like Earth

A UK-backed mission which which will search for Earth-like planets orbiting alien stars has been given the green light to continue with its development after passing a critical milestone review.

Fri 14 Jan 2022, 14:39 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, research, astronomy

WMG academic joins Department for Transport’s Science Advisory Council

Dr Siddartha Khastgir from WMG, University of Warwick, has been appointed to be on the DfT’s Science Advisory Council, where he will advise on a wide range of science and engineering issues, such as enrolment of Autonomous Vehicles.

Fri 14 Jan 2022, 11:47 | Tags: WMG, Engineering, autonomous vehicles, transport, Sciences

Forest conservation policies must safeguard indigenous peoples’ rights, researchers urge

Global policy commitments on conservation such as the recent COP 26 declaration on Forest and Land Use are a step in the right direction but policy-makers must be inclusive of indigenous peoples and ensure that any initiatives learn from the long and problematic history of forest conservation, argues an international consortium of indigenous scholar activists and social, cultural, environmental, and behavioural scientists in correspondence published today [13] in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution.

Thu 13 Jan 2022, 17:30 | Tags: climate change, COP26, conservation

University of Warwick astronomers to benefit as SDSS-V's robots turn their eyes to the sky

An observatory spearheading a groundbreaking astronomical survey has completed a key upgrade, which will allow University of Warwick astronomers to achieve the aim of surveying hundreds of thousands of our near-neighbour stars.

Thu 13 Jan 2022, 15:37 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, research

Entrepreneurs invited to enter Minerva Birmingham’s Pitch Up 2022 competition

Applications to Minerva Birmingham’s Pitch Up 2022 competition have opened. Formerly known as ‘Pitchfest WM’ and now in its 7th year, Pitch Up is a collaboration, co-delivered by Minerva Business Angels, part of the University of Warwick Science Park Ltd, the Centre for Growth at Aston University, and University of Birmingham Enterprise.

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