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Structures that are tense teach us design sense – says engineering book by Professor Wanda Lewis

The second edition of the book “Tension Structures: Form and Behaviour” by Professor Wanda Lewis of the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick, explores design and mathematical modelling issues of non-conventional structures ranging from festival tents and venues (e.g. the O2 Arena, Umbrella Piazza in Madinah) to suspension bridge cables.

Tue 23 Apr 2019, 10:27 | Tags: Book, Engineering, Sciences

Extraordinary president, ordinary presidency: New book evaluates the achievements of the Trump administration

President Trump’s refusal to play the Washington game pleases his base but limits his ability to fulfil his campaign promises.  It’s just one of the many reasons this extraordinary president is delivering a very ordinary presidency, according to a new book from US politics experts Dr Jon Herbert, Dr Trevor McCrisken, and Dr Andrew Wroe. The Ordinary Presidency of Donald J. Trump is one of the first rigorous studies of the 45th president. The authors explore Trump’s election and track record since his inauguration and weigh his achievements both against those of his predecessors in office and against his own hyperbolic claims.

The ‘Obama Doctrine’ in foreign policy – un-American isolationism, or a pragmatic response to changing priorities?

In a new book published today, Dr Georg Löfflmann explores American identity, US foreign policy and national security during the Obama presidency, and asks whether the ‘Obama Doctrine’ was an effective response to the tension between an increasingly multi-polar world and a US elite still convinced that America has a unique call to global dominance.

The very model of a post-heroic major general: New book investigates how military leaders make decisions

In a new book launched this week, Professor Anthony King from the University of Warwick Department of Politics and International Studies explores how military command has adapted to the demands of twenty-first century warfare.

Women’s experiences of prison and the emotions of punishment explored in new book

At a time when prisons in England and Wales are undergoing significant challenges, and when levels of harm remain unprecedently high, a new book by Dr Anastasia Chamberlen, Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Warwick, offers a comprehensive, feminist critique of punishment that looks at an often unseen population – women prisoners and women former prisoners.

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