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Warwick to host 18th Century magic conjured by world class illusionist

The University of Warwick is hosting a series of free public events that will explore themes of deception, belief, and enchantment. The series, Mesmerized! re-stages 18th-century demonstrations in mind bending physics, intertwined with an analysis of rhetorical and mechanical techniques, offering a “behind the curtains” look into the illusionists tool box.

Discover Caribbean past and present at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry

The ‘Embodied Islands’ exhibition of Caribbean photography organised and curated by the Centre for Caribbean Studies at the University of Warwick will be on show in the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry from 3rd to 28th October.

Europe’s ‘Other’ Faith: Islam in German History and its Implications for Britain today

Dr James Hodkinson and Dr. Abdullah Sahin, a leading Islamic educational theorist at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, Leicester, are delivering a free public lecture in Coventry Cathedral on 4 May 2016, where they will discuss how Islamic faith and culture were represented across German history in the Nineteenth century.

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