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Insecure livelihoods hindering efforts to combat anti-microbial resistance globally

Patients living in precarious circumstances are less likely to use antibiotics appropriately according to a new study from the University of Warwick, suggesting that efforts to improve conditions for those with little security in their livelihoods could have an unexpected benefit in helping to tackle antimicrobial resistance globally.

Risk of serious complications during knee replacement 73% higher when a tourniquet is used

New research shows that knee replacement surgery using a tourniquet increases the risk of serious complications, and causes additional pain after surgery

Tue 08 Dec 2020, 10:05 | Tags: medicine, WMS, Warwick Medical School, Health and Medicine

Clinical trial to compare anaesthesia impact on recovery post-surgery

A new clinical trial will compare two types of anaesthetic to determine how soon after surgery they allow patients to return home. The Volatile vs Total intravenous Anaesthesia for major non-cardiac surgery (VITAL) trial is led by Warwick Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Warwick and will compare two methods of delivering anaesthesia to a patient: inhalation and intravenous

Wed 25 Nov 2020, 10:14 | Tags: medicine, research, WMS, Warwick Medical School, Health and Medicine

No reduction in fractures seen in falls prevention programmes prescribed to older people

Two population screen and treat programmes commonly prescribed to prevent older people falling have no impact on reducing fractures, researchers from the University of Warwick and University of Exeter have concluded.

Thu 05 Nov 2020, 11:10 | Tags: medicine, research, WMS, Warwick Medical School

COVID-19 measures deepening health inequalities in slum communities

Efforts to stem the impact of COVID-19 in low to middle income countries could be creating a health time bomb in their slum communities by deepening existing inequalities, according to an international team of health researchers led by the University of Warwick.

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