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Diamonds to be won at Warwick University free event highlighting cutting edge research

Cutting ice with diamonds

Diamonds are set to be won by audience members at a free public event at the University of Warwick.

Diamonds are for Everything will showcase the University of Warwick’s cutting edge diamond research with practical displays and up to ten chances for audience members to win synthetic diamonds.

To be held at the University of Warwick’s new Oculus building, the free fun-filled evening on the Monday 10th July at 7.30pm is open to all and will be led by diamond researchers from the University’s Training Centre in Diamond Science and Technology, overseen by Professor’s Julie Macpherson and Mark Newton from the Departments of Chemistry and Physics, respectively.

Audience members will hear from the next generation of UK scientists about the amazing properties of man-made diamond and find out why this wonder material is leading the way in scientific advances – including practical demonstrations too. A wide variety of the potential uses for diamonds currently being researched on the Warwick campus and beyond will be discussed:

Cutting ice with diamond· Try your hand at cutting ice with diamonds, it’s like pushing a hot knife through butter!

· Understand diamond’s role in making the next generation of cars

· Listen to how diamond can improve the purity of sound

· Witness diamond’s ability to incinerate pollutants

· See how quantum diamond can sense magnetic fields

· Learn how diamond based lasers can be used in everything from communications to medicine

Talking ahead of the event Professor Julie Macpherson said:

“Warwick University is the UK hub for training the next generation of diamond scientists, funded by the UK research council and industry; working on a whole host of cutting edge applications. From building cars to testing water safety, from sensing individual molecules to developing new medicines and detecting particles in the Hadron collider.”

“Diamond is the material of the future. Its applications are limitless and we are only now scratching the surface of this most amazing material. At Warwick we have a team dedicated to uncovering its uses and finding new solutions to some of the world’s emerging challenges.”

“We will provide people with fresh perspective of a material they think they know so well and sharing how our research has the potential to provide answers to ensuring a cleaner environment to a safer internet”.

To register for free tickets please visit: 

21 July 2017


Tom Frew - Senior Press and Media Relations Manager:

E: a dot t dot frew at warwick dot ac dot uk

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