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First Euros in UK - Well Chocolate Euros at least....

Originally Published - 4 January 1999

The University of Warwick's NatWest Financial Literacy Centre has launched a special education pack for school teachers trying to explain to school pupils what the affects will be of the coming monetary union within many EC countries. The first of these packs include chocolate Euros!

The pack provides a balanced presentation of the arguments about EMU. By giving young people the basic facts, and making them aware of the advantages and disadvantages.

The materials have been designed for use by teachers and tutors to provide an introduction to EMU for post-16 A level and GNVQ business and economics courses. However, teachers may also wish to adapt the materials for more general use such as to introducing EMU to key Stage 4 pupils. At the completion of the pack pupils should be more able to:-

  • understand the European Union and the operation of the Single Market;
  • understand the present situation regarding national currencies and exchange rates;
  • understand the time scale and the basic process for the introduction of Economic and Monetary Union;

For further information please contact:-
Kelvin Curry, NatWest Financial Literacy Centre,
The University of Warwick.
01597 823855 Home
0498 517763 Mobile

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