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300 School Students have an ACE Week Exploring Fantastic World of Physics and Liquid Nitrogen

Originally published 19 January 2003

Over 300 pupils from 16 schools across Coventry and Warwickshire will come to the University of Warwick for ACE (Aiming for a College Education) Week from 19th- 23rd January, a 5 day long event that helps widen participation by giving pupils a taste of University life and encouraging them to consider staying on at school, and work towards achieving a higher level of education.

In one session pupils will be encouraged to develop an alliance with science. Dr Liz Parvin from the Department of Physics will demonstrate how fascinating physics can be by leading a session that involves using liquid nitrogen to cool objects to minus 196 centigrade and watching how they behave; levitating magnets; and liquefying the air in balloons.

Dr Liz Parvin, from the Department of Physics at the University of Warwick, who is leading the Physics taster sessions, said: “Our aim is to show students that physics can be fun and to whet their appetites for further study. Students will have a chance to take part in some experiments involving rotation, and explore the science of colloids by having fun with cornflour. Simple objects such as Sellotape and glass slides will be transformed into works of art using polarised light. And two demonstrations will show how chaos is part of everyday life.”

ACE Days are designed to promote interest and enthusiasm for training and Higher Education. The ACE programme is aimed at Year 9 pupils (14 year olds) who are about to make their subject choices for GCSE, as this is a crucial stage for pupils in influencing their future aspirations.

Another session on law and the legal profession uses episodes of the Simpsons to illustrate key points. Other sessions focus on American Studies, Biology and the role of microorganisms on the skin, Engineering, French food and culture, Psychology and Philosophy.

ACE Week provides a plethora of activities to stimulate pupils and encourage them to think about Further and Higher Education. Activities include visits to academic departments, fun academic taster sessions, a campus challenge, campus tour group and presentations.

Photographers are welcome to attend the Physics taster session on Tuesday 20th January 2003 from 11.00am -12noon at the Department of Physics, Room P520.

For more information contact:
Dr Liz Parvin,
University of Warwick,
Tel: 02476 523 989 

Jenny Murray,
Communications Office,
University of Warwick,
Tel: 02476 574255,
Mobile: 07876 217740

Editor's notes:
Schools taking part ACE week are Barrs Hill School & Community College, Alderman Smith School, Aylesford School, Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School, Caludon Castle School, Ernesford Grange School and Community College, Foxford School and Community Arts College, George Eliot Community School, Lyng Hall Comprehensive School, The Woodlands School, Tile Hill Wood School, Hartshill School, Woodway Park School and Community College, Campion School and Community College, Polesworth High School and Harris School.