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Bank of England Economist Joins Warwick’s Green Team

The University of Warwick has appointed Dr Andrew Sentance of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee to carry out research into the economics of climate change.

The high-profile move reflects the University's intention to create a hub of top-flight academics addressing sustainability and climate change.

He will join the University as a part-time Professor, based at Warwick's Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation.

Andrew sits on the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England which sets the UK's interest rates. Prior to joining the Bank in October, he was Chief Economist and Head of Environmental Affairs at British Airways, which is where his interest in climate change issues developed.

His research will include analysing how climate change policies will affect the economy, and how national and international government initiatives will reduce carbon emissions cost-effectively. This will include looking at the effectiveness of emissions trading as a way of incentivising the reduction of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

Andrew said: "The climate change debate is moving on from whether or not climate change is taking place, to how we can combat it. We need a new international agreement for action, going beyond the Kyoto protocol. Effective action will require a combination of economic incentives to reduce emissions, the development of new technologies, and changes in behaviours at home and at work.

He said: "The recent Stern Report highlights the importance and urgency of this issue. I am looking forward to working on the climate change issue with colleagues at the University of Warwick. Good quality research in this area will also involve collaboration with other academic institutions and research bodies in the UK and overseas."


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20 Nov 2006

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