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The Larger Moths of Warwickshire

ISBN Number: 0-9551086-1-6

Open Studies tutor, David Brown, has had his life's work published in the form of a 300-page hardback book. 'The Larger Moths of Warwickshire' displays 16 pages of full colour pictures of moths and their habitats. The tome celebrates the knowledge of local lepidopterists, past and present, and provides for the first time a complete history of almost 600 species of macro-moths which have been discussed in Warwickshire since the 19th Century.

Copies of the book will be available from 18 May 2006.  Cost:  £35.00  Publisher:  Atropos Publishing (

David is offering two modules in the summer term entitled 'Winged Splendour' which cover both butterflies and moths. Anyone wishing to register for either the Monday afternoon class in Stratford upon Avon or the Tuesday evening class on campus should go to or ring 024 7657 3739 for further details.