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About Warwick

A Different Kind of University

The freedom given to academic departments at Warwick, combined with a strong managerial approach were new innovations for UK Higher Education and have subsequently been copied by many other universities.

Warwick has always had a reputation for innovation and for thinking differently. We were one of the first universities to understand the importance of links with business and industry. We have now built up a network of partnerships and collaborations that benefit all our students - undergraduate and postgraduate. We make sure that our research students are aware of the commercial possibilities of their research and encourage them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Warwick degrees also prepare students for work in the world of the 21st century by emphasising the development of those skills demanded by today's employers.

Today, Warwick has an identity of qualitative independence and academic distinction. The Guardian commented that:

"the outside world imagines universities aspire to (be like) Oxford & Cambridge, those in the know realise everyone now wants to be Warwick".

Warwick is consistently well placed in rankings of UK universities, such as The Times and Sunday Times Complete University Guide (6th), Complete University Guide (8th), and The Guardian University Guide (6th). Warwick, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and Imperial College London are the only universities which have never been out of the Top 10 in the British League tables.

The University of Warwick is one of the UK's leading universities for research. The University was ranked eight for quality of research in the latest Research Assessment Exercise.