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Graham Cormode

Graham Cormode

Graham Cormode is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick.

Prior to this, he has been a senior researcher at AT&T Laboratories and Bell Laboratories, both in New Jersey, USA. His postdoctoral studies were at the DIMACS centre in Rutgers University, and his PhD is from the University of Warwick.

His work considers aspects of managing and working with large amounts of data, with particular emphasis on privacy and anonymisation, steaming data processing, integrity of computations, and large scale analytics. This work has particular application to handling the vast amounts of complex data generated from cities and citizens as they go about their daily lives.

Graham is an Associate Editor for the ACM Transaction on Database Systems and IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. He is widely published in international journals and competitive peer-reviewed conferences proceedings and his work has received best paper awards from the IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering and the conference on Very Large Databases.