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Warwick and CUSP

CUSP's strength comes from its consortium of world-class universities, foremost global technology companies and leaders in public service. Warwick provides CUSP with a european hub, access to european research leaders and funding, and a wealth of bright and cosmopolitan students.


Warwick brings to CUSP its own strengths in:

Energy research, including power electronics, solar energy, thermal energy and confined fusion for clearn energy
Materials, from application and modeling, to nanoscale fabrication, multi-ferroics, and in vivo biomaterials
Innovative Manufacturing, including design, R&D, marketing, logistics, lifetime services and disposal
Science and Technology for Health, including for example pre-natal and childhood nutrition, mental health, lifestyle choices and public health policies
Data Science, which includes the mathematical complexity of systems, data mining, visualisation and informatics.


CUSP will play host to a thriving postgraduate education programme, with 400 Masters students and 100 PhD students at any one time.


The University of Warwick have recruited several new academic staff to support CUSP at Warwick. This includes Professor Jon Coaffee, former Director of the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies at the University of Birmingham, Professor Graham Cormode, previously a senior research at AT&T Laboratories in New Jersey and Professor Rob Procter, Director of the eResearch Centre at Manchester University. Find out more about our Lead Academics here.