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DSSG-X 2021 Fellows & Mentors

2021 Fellows

Jacob Beck - Fellow

Jacob Beck

University of Mannheim

Jonathan Cook - Fellow

Jonathan Cook

Computational Statistics and Machine Learning
University College London

Beck Deyoung - Fellow

Beck De Young

Environmental Data Analytics
Union College

Rachel Fallon - Fellow

Rachel Fallon

Computer Science
Georgia Tech

Vignesh N Ganesh - Fellow

Vighnesh N Ganesh

Computer Science Engineering
Birla Institute of Technology and Science

Maria-Cristiana Girau - Fellow

Maria-Cristiana Girjau

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
Amherst College

Dushant Gori - Fellow

Dushant Gohri

Business Analytics
Warwick University

Collin Grimm - Fellow

Collins Nji

Computer Science & English Language
Mount St. Mary's University

Ethan Lee - Fellow

Ethan Lee

Computer Science and Statistics

Cinny Lee - Fellow

Cinny Lin

Data Science

Ling Ma - Fellow

Ling Ma

Business Analytics

UtkuCanOzturk - Fellow

Utku Can Ozturk

Data Science

Tova Perlman

Tova Perlman

Urban Spatial Analytics
University of Pennsylvania

Prakhar Rathi - Fellow

Prakhar Rathi

Computer Science
Shiv Nadar University

Amit Sasson - Fellow

Amit Sasson

Tel Aviv University

Henri Tschanz - Fellow

Henri Tschanz

Data Science
University of Bath

2021 Project and Technical Mentors

Robert Hager - Technical Mentor

Robert Hager

Technical Mentor

Doschmund Kwiatkowski - Project Manager

Doschmund Kwiatkowski

Project Manager

Amit Kohli - Technical Mentor

Amit Kohli

Technical Mentor

Daniel Townsend - Fellow

Daniel Townsend

Project Manager


2021 Staff

Marya Bazzi - Co-organiser

Marya Bazzi

Warwick Co-Organiser

Asst. Professor, Warwick

Bernd Bischl - LMU Team

Bernd Bischl

LMU Programme Director

Co-Director of Munich Center for Machine Learning, LMU

Juergen Branke - Programme Director

Juergen Branke

Warwick Programme Director

Professor of Operational Research & Systems, Warwick Business School

Colm Connaughton - Co-Organiser

Colm Connaughton

Warwick Co-Organiser

Professor, Director of Centre for complexity science, Warwick

Suzanne Dandl - Project Manager

Susanne Dandl

LMU Co-Organiser


Florian Pfister - LMU Hosting Team

Florian Pfisterer

LMU Hosting Team


Christoph Kern - LMU Munich Hosting Team

Christoph Kern

LMU Co-Organiser

Postdoc, University of Mannheim

Julianne Lauks - LMU Co-organiser

Juliane Lauks

LMU Co-Organiser

Scientific Manager, LMU

Sebastian Vollmer

Sebastian Vollmer

DSSGx UK Founder

Turing Institute / Warwick