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  • O'Hare, Eugene, Scopes, David I. C., Kim, Eun-Mee, Palmer, P. (Philip), Spanswick, David, McMahon, Bridgeen, Amijee, Hozefa, Nerou, Edmund, Treherne, J. Mark, Jeggo, Ross. 2014. Novel 5-aryloxypyrimidine SEN1576 as a candidate for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, Volume 17 (Number 1), pp. 117-126, View
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  • Hopkins, Seth C., Campbell, Una C., Heffernan, Michele L. R., Spear, Kerry L., Jeggo, Ross D., Spanswick, David C., Varney, Mark A., Large, Thomas H.. 2013. Effects of D-amino acid oxidase inhibition on memory performance and long-term potentiation in vivo. Pharmacology Research & Perspectives, Volume 1 (Number 1), View
  • Hopkins, Seth C., Zhao, Fei-Yue, Bowen, C. A, Fang, Xin, Dr., Weiss, Howard, Heffernan, Michele L. R., Spear, Kerry L., Spanswick, David, Varney, Mark A., Large, Thomas H.. 2013. Pharmacodynamic effects of a D-amino acid oxidase inhibitor indicate a spinal site of action in rat models of neuropathic pain. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Volume 345 (Number 3), pp. 502-511, View
  • O'Hare, Eugene, Scopes, David I.C., Kim, Eun-Mee, Palmer, Philip, Jones, Martyn, Whyment, Andrew D., Spanswick, David C., Amijee, Hozefa, Nerou, Edmund, McMahon, Bridgeen, Treherne, J. Mark, Jeggo, Ross. 2012. Orally bioavailable small molecule drug protects memory in Alzheimer's disease models. Neurobiology of Aging, View
  • Scopes, D. I. C., O'Hare, E., Jeggo, R., Whyment, A. D., Spanswick, David, Kim, E. -M., Gannon, J., Amijee, H., Treherne, J. M.. 2012. Aß oligomer toxicity inhibitor protects memory in models of synaptic toxicity. British Journal of Pharmacology, Volume 167 (Number 2), pp. 383-392, View
  • Whyment, Andrew D., Coderre, E., Wilson, J. M. M., Renaud, Leo, O'Hare, Eugene, Spanswick, David C.. 2011. Electrophysiological, pharmacological and molecular profile of the transient outward rectifying conductance in rat sympathetic preganglionic neurons in vitro. Neuroscience, Vol.178, pp. 68-81, View
  • Bursi, Roberta, Erdemli, Gul, Campbell, Robert, Hutmacher, Matthew M., Kerbusch, Thomas, Spanswick, David, Jeggo, Ross, Nations, Kari R., Dogterom, Peter, Schipper, Jacques, Shahid, Mohammed. 2011. Translational PK-PD modelling of molecular target modulation for the AMPA receptor positive allosteric modulator Org 26576. Psychopharmacology, Vol.218 (No.4), pp. 713-724, View
  • Jiang, Lu-Yang, Li, Shu-Ren, Zhao, Fei-Yue, Spanswick, David, Lin, Mao-Tsun. 2010. Norepinephrine can act via alpha(2)-adrenoceptors to reduce the hyper-excitability of spinal dorsal horn neurons following chronic nerve injury. Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, Vol.109 (No.6), pp. 438-445, View
  • O'Hare, Eugene, Scopes, David I. C., Treherne, J. Mark, Norwood, Kelly, Spanswick, David, Kim, Eun-Mee. 2010. RS-0406 arrests amyloid-beta oligomer-induced behavioural deterioration in vivo. Behavioural Brain Research, Vol.210 (No.1), pp. 32-37, View
  • O'Hare, Eugene, Elliott, Jennifer J., Hobson, Peter, O'Mara, Shane M., Spanswick, David, Kim, Eun-Mee. 2010. Bilateral intrahippocampal NAC(61-95) effects on behavior and moderation with L-NAME treatment. Neuroscience Research, Vol.66 (No.2), pp. 213-218, View
  • O'Hare, Eugene, Elliott, Jennifer J., Hobson, Peter, Spanswick, David, Kim, Eun-Mee. 2010. Behavioural deterioration induced by intrahippocampal NAC61-95 injections and attenuation with ibuprofen. Behavioural Brain Research, Vol.208 (No.1), pp. 274-277, View
  • Barrett, Perry, van den Top, Marco, Wilson, D., Mercer, Julian G., Song, C. K., Bartness, Timothy J., Morgan, Peter J., Spanswick, David C.. 2009. Short photoperiod-induced decrease of histamine H3 receptors facilitates activation of hypothalamic neurons in the Siberian Hamster. Endocrinology, Vol.150 (No.8), pp. 3655-3663, View
  • Kim, Eun-Mee, Quinn, Joseph G., Spanswick, David, O'Hare, Eugene. 2009. Feeding association between the nucleus of the solitary tract and the ventral tegmental area. Appetite, Vol.53 (No.3), pp. 457-460, View
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