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  • Dimitriadis, Georgios K., Randeva, Harpal S., Saboor Aftab, S. A., Ali, Asad, Hattersley, John G., Pandey, S. B., Grammatopoulos, Dimitris, Valsamakis, Georgios, Jones, T. Hugh, Barber, T. M.. 2018. Metabolic phenotype of male obesity-related secondary hypogonadism pre-replacementand post-replacement therapy with intra-muscular testosterone undecanoate therapy. Endocrine, 60 (1), pp. 175-184, View
  • English, Sarah, Steele, Amber, Williams, Alison, Blacklay, Jayne, Sorinola, Olanrewaju, Wernisch, Lorenz, Grammatopoulos, Dimitris. 2018. Modelling of psychosocial and lifestyle predictors of peripartum depressive symptoms associated with distinct risk trajectories : a prospective cohort study. Scientific Reports, View
  • Alcántara-Alonso, Viridiana, Panetta, Pamela, de Gortari, Patricia, Grammatopoulos, Dimitris K.. 2017. Corticotropin-releasing hormone as the homeostatic rheostat of feto-maternal symbiosis and developmental programming in utero and neonatal life. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 8, View
  • Xue, Mingzhan, Shafie, Alaa, Qaiser, Talha, Rajpoot, Nasir M., Kaltsas, Gregory, Gopalakrishnan, Kishore, Fisk, Adrian, Dimitriadis, Georgios K., Grammatopoulos, Dimitris, Rabbani, Naila, Thornalley, Paul J., Weickert, Martin O., James, Sean G.. 2017. Glyoxalase 1 copy number variation in patients with well differentiated gastroentero-pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours (GEP-NET). Oncotarget, 8, pp. 76961-76973, View
  • Dimitriadis, Georgios K., Gopalakrishnan, K., Rao, R., Grammatopoulos, Dimitris, Randeva, Harpal S., Weickert, Martin O., Murthy, N.. 2015. Severe paraneoplastic hypoglycemia secondary to a gastrointestinal stromal tumour masquerading as a stroke. Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports, View
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  • Markovic, Danijela, Bari, Muhammad F., Lu, B., Vatish, Manu, Grammatopoulos, Dimitris. 2013. Corticotropin-releasing hormone interacts with interleukin-1 to regulate prostaglandin H synthase-2 expression in human myometrium during pregnancy and labor. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, Volume 98 (Number 7), pp. 2864-2875, View
  • Engineer, Neelam, Darwin, Lucy, Nishigandh, Deole, Ngianga-Bakwin, Kandala, Smith, Steve C., Grammatopoulos, Dimitris. 2013. Association of glucocorticoid and type 1 corticotropin-releasing hormone receptors gene variants and risk for depression during pregnancy and post-partum. Journal of Psychiatric Research, Volume 47 (Number 9), pp. 1166-1173, View
  • Markovic, Danijela, Bari, Muhammad F., Lu, Buyu, Vatish, Manu, Grammatopoulos, Dimitris. 2013. Corticotropin-releasing hormone intereacts with interleukin-1 beta to regulate prostaglandin H synthase-2 expression in human myometrium during pregnancy and labor. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 98 (7), pp. 2864-2875, View
  • Sivakumar, Kavitha, Bari, Muhammad F., Adaikalakoteswari, A., Guller, S., Weickert, Martin O., Randeva, Harpal S., Grammatopoulos, Dimitris, Bastie, Claire C., Vatish, Manu. 2013. Elevated fetal adipsin/acylation-stimulating protein (ASP) in obese pregnancy : novel placental secretion via Hofbauer cells. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 98 (10), pp. 4113-4122, View
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  • Vatish, Manu, Tesfa, Lydia, Grammatopoulos, Dimitris, Yamada, Eijiro, Bastie, Claire C., Pessin, Jeffrey E.. 2012. Inhibition of Akt activity and calcium channel function coordinately drive cell-cell fusion in the BeWO choriocarcinoma placental cell line. PLoS ONE, Vol.7 (No.1), View
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  • Karteris, Emmanouil, Markovic, Danijela, Chen, Jing, Hillhouse, Edward W., Grammatopoulos, Dimitris. 2010. Identification of a novel corticotropin-releasing hormone type 1 beta-Like receptor variant lacking exon 13 in human pregnant myometrium regulated by estradiol-17 beta and progesterone. Endocrinology, Vol.151 (No.10), pp. 4959-4968, View
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