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Warwick Institute for Employment Research

Employment research

The Institute for Employment Research has a strong, demonstrable record of success in achieving impact with policies and practitioners and academic communities. Our research evidence underpins national and international policy and practice in areas such as career guidance, vocational training and decent job quality in the UK and Europe.

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Shaping policy and practice

Our varied research includes shaping policy debate and practice on career development services. This resulted in new policy frameworks for systems design and delivery of careers services, and has informed professional development in careers policy, research and practice. Internationally, the Institute has shaped policy debate and practice on career development services in response to political, economic, technological and social changes.

Meeting economic development goals

Our researchers also informed the development of skills strategies, which emphasised the relationship between demand and supply of skills (rather than a predominant focus on supply) in meeting economic development aspirations for regional economies. Other areas of research include boosting innovation and job quality to create more and better jobs in Europe and developing public policy modelling tools for the government in Georgia. Read more...

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