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Our researchers have used extremely high resolution scanning technology and 3D printing to examine evidence from crime scenes. This has transformed the way West Midlands Police and other forces examine and present evidence in criminal investigations and trials, helping police and prosecutors access the truth

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Scanning for the truth

Our sophisticated scanning techniques allow us to identify microscopic injuries that wouldn’t be picked up by a conventional hospital X-Ray scanner and establish causes of death. The success of our partnership with West Midlands Police led to the establishment of the Forensic Centre for Digital Scanning and 3D Printing at WMG in 2019. The Centre offers numerous techniques and services, and has a track record of supporting police on high profile cases.

Evidence in court

In 2014, we helped West Midlands Police by examining a charred piece of evidence thought to contain human bone. We discovered that it was a perfect jigsaw fit to another piece of bone, and using the very high resolution scanning technology, we were able to show the tool marks on both pieces in micro scale (one 50th of a millimetre). These matched the characteristics expected for the type of saw the offender had disposed of, alongside the victim. The 3D printed models of the two pieces were able to demonstrate the evidence to the jury in court. Read more...

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