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Gas Security

Gas Security

Falling domestic gas production, coupled with limited storage capacity, has resulted in reliance and dependency on imported gas. Our research has provided evidence on shale gas, and the prospect of Arctic oil and gas development, which has helped shape assessment of UK gas security and supported Government policy.

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Home-grown energy supplies

Reliance on imported gas leaves the UK vulnerable and exposed to the volatility of the wider European and global gas markets and to the infrastructures supporting the import and transport of gas. Natural gas plays a critical role in the UK’s energy system, providing twice as much energy as electricity. The secure and affordable supply of natural gas is therefore an essential element of UK energy security and a key objective of Government policy.

Shaping policy

Research at Warwick Business School has demonstrated that the Climate Change Act (2008), and its associated carbon budgets/targets, will act as a major constraint on the future role of gas in the UK. We have produced briefing papers on the challenges of gas supply. Evidence has been provided to Parliamentary Select Committees on shale gas and the prospect for Arctic oil and gas development. The Cabinet Office used the research to help shape assessment of UK gas security and ultimately to support Government policy. The research has also informed debate and discussion on shale gas and fracking, and has been used by various lobby groups, such as Friends of the Earth. Read more...

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