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Interface Polymers

Interface Polymers

We have developed a technology called Polarfin® which modifies the properties of the world’s most commonly used plastics so that they are easier to mix, glue, paint and coat. Our technology enables better products in the packaging, automotive, construction and agriculture industries.

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Superior products and better for the environment

Our spin-out company – Interface Polymers – is using the additive technology Polarfin® to modify the properties of polyolefin-based materials, leading to cost savings and better performance characteristics in plastics. The resulting products have a wide range of applications, such as reducing condensation formation on plastics used in food packaging and polytunnels to help reduce food and crop spoilage. In addition, using the Polarfin® technology is better for the environment than the traditional approaches used to increase adhesion of polyolefins. It does not require extra equipment, the use of toxic substances or any unnecessary energy intensive processes - the additive is merely added to the polymer formulation.

Sustainable solutions

In 2019, Interface Polymers was awarded the InnovateUK Plastics Innovation: Towards Zero Waste research grant to reduce mixed plastic waste by recycling multi-layer flexible plastic packaging back into high value uses. Using this funding, Interface Polymers will develop commercially viable, sustainable solutions to this costly and environmentally unacceptable flexible plastic packaging waste problem. Interface Polymers’ Polarfin® copolymer additive technology modifies surface properties of commonly used plastics, enabling adhesion between otherwise incompatible materials. New Polarfin-Blue polymer alloys will allow mixed plastic products to be manufactured, which can be recycled multiple times by existing separation processes.

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