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Employment and mental health

Resilience, physical wellbeing, inclusivity and productivity are all at the interface between physical and mental health, and the prevention of ill-health. Focus on wellbeing is a strategic priority for funders such as the NIHR. For our research in this area we draw on industrial collaborations, in particular via Warwick Business School, giving us the potential for a positive impact on health in the workplace, as well as influencing regional/national policy.

Sub-topics in this area include:

  • Trauma, especially for staff involved in health, social care and emergency services such as police, ambulance, fire and armed services. There have been several Warwick initiatives in this area which have had enormous potential for both research and regional impact on productivity. This area also ties in with the strategic priority of WMCA.
  • Wellbeing of carers
  • Environment and social determinants of wellbeing and ill-health in the workplace. A conspicuous success in this domain is Warwick’s part in the recent award of £6.8m from central government towards a pilot scheme for improving mental health in the workplace.