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“What you say vs what you do. Say-do gaps in sustainability”, a talk by Colin Strong

WBIT are pleased to invite you to the 2nd event of the year:

“What you say vs what you do. Say-do gaps in sustainability”

a talk by Colin Strong,
Head of Behavioural Science at Ipsos

Why is it so difficult for us to translate your intentions into real actions? Do you tend to be hugely enthusiastic of recycling, try to buy from sustainable sources, avoid single use plastic?

And yet, time and again your good intentions are not always matched by the appropriate behaviour. The difference between what we claim we will do and what we do in reality is often well pronounced. Colin Strong will explain us why this is the case, focusing on sustainability.

Colin Strong works with a wide range of brands and public sector organisations to combine market research with behavioural science, creating new and innovative solutions to long-standing strategy and policy challenges. Colin is the author of Humanizing Big Data which sets out a new agenda for the way in which more value can be leveraged from the rapidly emerging data economy. Colin is a regular speaker and writer on the philosophy and practice of consumer insight. He publishes on Facta+ magazine.

For further information and to join the event please visit WBIT Facebook event page