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Behavioural Design

Design is a creative approach to problem solving, taking a people-centred approach to quickly develop ideas through an iterative process of testing and refinement. Through out partnership with Design Council, known as the Behavioural Design Lab, we help organisations from all sectors combine rigorous scientific methods with novel, creative ideas to design products, services and places that truly benefit people’s lives. Our interests are broad but we mainly focus on health and wellbeing, sustainable living and consumer empowerment.

Area Contacts
Nick Chater Nick Chater Warwick Business School
Nick dot Chater at wbs dot ac dot uk
(024) 765 24506
Ed Gardiner Ed Gardiner Warwick Business School
Edward dot Gardiner at wbs dot ac dot uk
(024) 761 50018

Photo credits:

'Brain Lobes' By Allan Ajifo of (CC-BY
Stock market by Perpetual Tourist (CC-BY
'Colores per tres' (colored pencils) by jqmj (Queralt) (CC-BY-SA