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Undergraduate Research Students 2017


Nia Hughes has ambition to work on an international level in Energy Policy. Her URSS Energy GRP Research Scholarship this summer has helped her in making steps towards that goal. A politics student who has discovered a deep interest in sustainability and climate change, she has directed her studies over the past year towards that area... read on

zccard.pngZena Choi has been working on a project that tackles the problem of environmental pollution. The project Zena has been working on has been exploring how to create sensors to detect and identify organic compounds in pollutants to enable governments and agencies to monitor and regulate industrial pollution... read on
jt5.jpg.pngThis summer Joe Tilley has been spending his time working on a project titled ‘Testing Strategies for Use of an Energy Store’. The way he explains it, the campus produces electricity from solar panels on many of the buildings, but of course, this is only produced during the day, so a battery is used to store the energy... read on
ascard.pngAlice Stamp is a Physics student about to start her fourth year of a masters. She has discovered a passion for energy generation, especially renewables. Through a URSS scholarship she has been able to work this summer on a project that brings together data from all over the campus to build up a picture of how energy is used... read on