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Disco Soups

Disco Soups are public events in which everyone is invited to peel veg that would otherwise go to waste and cook a delicious soup to eat and share together. And all this whilst listening to good music!

A group of enthusiastic students and staff have now organised 4 Disco Soups at the University of Warwick and in Coventry:

Following the success of these four events, we have two more Rhythm & Peel Parties to come in the near future. Please do get in touch with us if you’d like to be informed of the next events and/or if you’d like to get involved in the organisation!

Our next event will be a grandiose and delicious Diversity Disco Soup! It will be part of the Positive Images Festival in Coventry and will be held at Broadgate, Coventry on the 13th June 2015 between 12 noon and 3pm.


Come along and have fun with us, raising awareness of food waste!

And for more information on Disco Soups and food waste awareness, please contact the organiser: Carla Sarrouy (

Go Green Week 2015 Disco Soup / Video Benjamin Cook 2015