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GGW 2014 Disco Soup

Disco Soup is funky. Disco Soup is not just funky but designed to convey a serious message about food, and more importantly food waste. We collect food that would have been thrown away and scrub it, peel it, chop it and turn it into a delicious soup all to music, jiggling while we cook! We are aiming to feed 200 people with our soup. Come and be one of them – you can help to chop it too!

Around 1/3 of the food that we produce is wasted between the field and the plate. Waste happens at all stages of the chain:

  • It happens on the farm where, at worst, whole fields of crops can be ploughed back into the ground because they are not perfect. Grading of crops can mean that the odd-shaped, cosmetically-damaged or otherwise imperfect food is discarded because it does not meet supermarket standards.
  • In the retail sector of the chain, more waste occurs as food reaches its sell-by dates. Much of this is not a reflection of the edibleness of the food.
  • The final stage is what happens in the home; the average home throws out enough food to feed a dinner party for 6 every week.

The purpose of our Disco Soup is to highlight these issues. We’d love for everyone to think about how they can reduce the amount of food that is wasted, whether they are buyers, retailers or producers. Food waste just doesn’t make sense: economically, morally or environmentally. We’d love to talk to retailers, big and small, and producers about how planning for zero waste would benefit them too.

Through our Disco Soup we would like to start the process of change... thinking about how we, as consumers, can reduce our waste. We have a number of suggestions for students and families on how they can reduce their food waste and make a contribution to our aim of zero waste.

Carla Sarrouy and Jonathan Menary discuss the upcoming Disco Soup event with BBC Coventry and Warwickshire (Start 02:15:57).

Interview article with British Food Activist and Writer, Tristram Stuart on Disco Soups.

Drop us an email if you would like to send some feedback on the event and/or if you are interested in helping with the organisation of more and bigger Disco Soups! For more information contact Carla Sarrouy ( or the Food GRP ( or join our facebook group.


The very first Warwick Disco Soup was fun and exciting and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and be happy to contribute to a meaningful event. Here are some of the outcomes of the event in numbers:

  • 50 kg of vegetables salvaged (including pumpkin, squash, leeks, potatoes, celery, garlic, carrots, ...)
  • 20 kg of bread salvaged
  • 30 kg of soup cooked
  • 100 people received free soup in free reusable thermal cups
  • 20 kg of ready-to-use mixed vegetables were given in bags to cook soup at home
  • 50 kg of salvaged beetroot were given away with recipes for beetroot hummus, beetroot salad and beetroot soup
  • Approximately 400 people were reached with this pilot event

The Warwick Disco Soup Crew

Organiser: Carla Sarrouy

Food team: Jessicka Hall, Duncan, Alex Heelis, Kevin Solecki, Kathryn Styan, John Young, Sandy Young, Daniel Wilson, Hannah Train, Rachel Adshead, Ewan, Andrew and Franny!

Communication team: Lewis Smith, Sarah Goler Solecki, Alix Villanueva

Logistics team: Liliya Andrianova, Jonathan Menary

And special thanks to the many more volunteers that helped with the organisation of the event and on the day!


Warwick Disco Soup


 "Only the pure in heart can make a good soup." Ludwig van Beethoven


Disco Soup volunteer Lewis Smith