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Meeting on household food security

(Audio clip)6 July 2012

A one-day symposium at the University of Warwick, held at Radcliffe.

Speakers and discussants from USA, Germany, France, Ireland, UK, included Janet Poppendieck, Anne Bellows, Sabine Pfeiffer, Nicole Darmon, Deirdre O'Connor and Liz Dowler.

In these times of economic cuts and rising food prices, the roles and responsibilities for ensuring household food security are becoming less clear in many countries. There is increasing dependence by both families and governments on charitable food distribution systems and civil society organisations, yet the extent of problems faced by households of different circumstances in feeding themselves adequately and appropriately, and the nature of responses by different actors, is hidden from public view and not discussed. The aims of this meeting were to contribute to making these conditions visible; to explore the civic and political consequences of the re-emergence of large scale hunger in rich countries; and to consider the morality and possibilities of different ways forward.

At present, the initiative has been left with those struggling, both to feed themselves, and to address the problems, piece-meal. Opportunities for different ways forward will be explored along with means of engaging with a wide range of actors.

The day included formal presentations, panel and group discussions, and lunch.