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Food security: The value of vegetables

This was a one-day meeting at Warwick Crop Centre, School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick,
Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, CV35 9EF
11th July 2012

Vegetables are an important component of the human diet and are grown world-wide at a range of scales from window-boxes to multi-national corporations. In the future, vegetable production will be exposed to the same constraints and pressures identified for arable crops – the need to produce more whilst using fewer resources and minimising waste. The aim of this meeting is to consider world-wide vegetable production systems and highlight opportunities for innovation that might be transferred between these very diverse systems.

Pdfs of some of the presentations are available below:

Topics and Speakers

Introduction to food security

Professor Tim Benton, RCUK Food Security Champion, University of Leeds

Genetics of vegetables - resources, advances in technology

Dr Graham Teakle & Dr Charlotte Allender, Warwick Crop Centre

Vegetables and health

Professor Paul Thornalley, Warwick Medical School

HDC innovation in UK vegetable production

Jim Dimmock, Horticultural Development Company

Innovation in vegetable production worldwide

Peter Gresty, Agritec International Ltd

Organic and low input vegetable production

Philip Effingham, Greentech Consultancy Ltd

Get Growing in the Black Country: how urban agriculture can transform community well-being

Laura Davis, Sustainability West Midlands

Innovation of necessity - the Cuba story

Dr Julia Wright, University of Coventry

Vegetables and their markets in Africa

Elizabeth Robinson, University of Reading

Summing up – what do we need to do?

Steve Tones, Horticultural Development Company