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PerFarmance Project


Following residencies in Cloneen, Ireland (2013) and Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota (2015), the PerFarmance Project brought the research-based performance residency to the West Midlands. Using two modes of production (performance and farming), PerFarmance Project produces an exchange between artists and farmers and others engaged in the growing of food. During the three week exchange from May 22-June 11, 2016, Melissa Aldape, Juan Aldape, and Chris Bell researched food production in the West Midlands through interviews, experiential learning, and visiting local sites of food production from large scale farms to community gardens and other forms of ‘grow-your-own’. The information gained during these exchanges provided the inspiration for a week long series of workshops from May 30th-June 3rd, which focused on the ways in which body and text can communicate the stories of food production. During the final week from June 4th-June 11th, artists and interested community members developed an original site-specific performance piece based upon the material that was developed during the workshops. The original performance piece was presented on Saturday June 11th, at the Five Acre Farm. Ultimately, through this performance exchange, farmers, local food-growers, artists, and local community are able to workshop the concept of community, which is positively transferred to the larger movement for sustainable living. It is through the farm that the city gains sustenance.

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