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What locally-grown herbs and spices can flavour our food: Where can we grow them?

Our current ‘international’ diet provides us with a range of flavours, using herbs and spices sourced from around the world. What would locally-sourced flavours be like? How small a space can we use to grow our favorites that may remind us of distant places or of homecooking? If an exotic herb is grown on our window sill, is it local?

The question of how we can flavour our locally-grown food is explored through a ‘jumble sale’ exhibition of herbs grown in artistic ‘found objects’, many small enough to fit on a window sill. The site-specific installations were created by the first-year Theatre students. The students have sought to establish a connection between the unexpected ‘planter’ and the herb.

The miniature gardens were sold at the end of the day for £3 each. All money was donated to a local foodbank.

img_3985.jpg   img_4024.jpg   Herbs and Spices   Herbs and Spices