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Diet and Health

Even where individuals have access to sufficient food, the composition of their diet can have considerable and wide-ranging impacts on health and longevity. This may be through direct effects on human metabolic pathways or indirectly, e.g. through relationships between diet and the structure and function of the microbial community in the human gut.
Researchers in the School of Life Sciences and Warwick Medical School are working in collaboration to expand this area of research.


  • Mediterranean diet during pregnancy reduces gestational diabetes and weight gain. A new academic paper has been published in the journal PLOS Medicine. Full details are available in the press release.
  • Moving the location of fruit and vegetables in shops can lead to a 15% sales increase. The research has been published by BMC Public Health. Full details are available in the press release.


  • Dietary Activators of antioxidant response element-linked gene expression for good vascular health (Lead by Paul Thornalley)

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