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GRP-GG Funding

The goal of GRP-GG is to foster longer-term interdisciplinary interactions between academics, at Warwick and other universities, that will give rise to important new understandings and insights into issues of global governace.

To work towards this goal, the GRP has a small pot of funding to support activities that aim to develop interdisciplinary research collaboration among Warwick University scholars on the issue of global governance that will lead to the development of external grant applications.

We will prioritise activities that:

  • foster longer-term interactions between academics from different disciplines (as opposed to one-off events where no further interactions are envisaged)
  • activities that create ‘impact’ e.g. the dissemination of existing inter-disciplinary research to non-academic audiences
  • demonstrate how an inter-disciplinary approach will contribute significant added value to important issues of global concern
  • show enthusiasm for engaging as widely as possible with academics from other disciplines through long term engagement with the GRP and/or other relevant networks at Warwick and beyond (e.g. through the Queen Mary/ Monash/ Warwick alliances)
  • have potential for generating longer-term and/or larger scale inter-disciplinary research projects,especially those that can potentially form the basis of an external funding application

Each application will be considered by the Convening Group in accordance with the priorities above and its relevance to the themes of the GRP and are subject to the availability of funds.

If you are interested in submitting an application, please contact u dot martin at warwick dot ac dot uk at the first instance.

The application form can be found here.(Word Document) A sample of a completed application form can be found here.(PDF Document)

We expect a short activity report to be completed after the supported event or activity has taken place. The report form can be found here.(Word Document) A sample of a report can be found here.(PDF Document)