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Christopher Moir

Research interests in global governance

  • Regulations affecting global supply chains and global investment

Indicative publications

  • Christopher Moir (2005) 'Can Anything Sensible be Drawn from Cross Country comparisons of Retail Productivity' International Review of Retail Distribution and Consumer Research 15(3), 305 - 318
  • Christopher Moir, J A Dawson, (1992) Reviews of UK Statistical Sources: Distribution: , London: Chapman and Hall
  • Mr Christopher Moir,John Dawson, (1990) Competition and Markets Editors: Moir and Dawson, London: Macmillan
  • Christopher Moir,Andrew Kilpatrick, (1988) 'Developments in the UKs International trading performance' in The British Economy after Oil: manufacturing or services?, 141 - 169, Editors: Terry Barker and Paul Dunne, London, New York: Croome Helm
  • Christopher Moir, Margaret Hall and Christopher Winston , (1979) Structural Model of British Retail trades. 2 Volumes National Economic Development Office 1979 , London: National Economic Development Office. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005 2nd edn.

Projects and grants

  • Convener, A step change in Cinematography, with Professor Alan G Chalmers, Warwick Manufacturing Group, Dr Silvester Czanner - Warwick Manufacturing Group Mr Christopher Moir - Engineering, Funded by: EPSRC, Project Start Date: 01/04/2010 Project End Date: 30/09/2010

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