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Global Data Governance


The challenges of big data require innovation in global governance mechanisms. The term ‘non-traditional’ encapsulates many shades of meaning. It can initially be most easily defined by what it is not: namely, regulation that is not ‘hard’ law created by states and enforced through formal judicial mechanisms with sanctioning powers.

This stream brings together Warwick academics across a wide range of departments who are researching big data and non-traditional regulatory issues. Researchers come from business, economics, health studies, history, law, political science and sociology.

Measurement as a Tool of Global Governance

We are interested in how different forms of 'measurement' might become global governance mechanisms.

In 2013-14 we organised/contributed to a series of events to bring together researchers who were working on issues of 'measurement' in global governance. In particular we would highlight:

In 2014-15, we focused on impact assessment, and its potential and limitations as a governance mechanism. In November 2014, we held a research workshop entitled "Health and human rights impact assessment: Lessons from the Field and Future Prospects as Governance Mechanisms for Multinational Corporations".

Stream Leads

Dr Nate Tkacz (CIM) and Dr Jonathan Cave (Economics)